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'Marcello Lippi said don't rush' | Robbie Keane

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Robbie Keane has a clear plan in his head with regard to his path to becoming a football manager but is in no rush to take a top job just yet.

The 38-year-old confirmed on Thursday that there is an offer on the table from Middlesbrough to join the club as the assistant manager alongside his former Leeds United team-mate Jonathan Woodgate.

Keane had met the club chairman, Steve Gibson, on Wednesday and has said he could make his mind up by the end of the week but will bear in mind the advice given to him by one of his old managers.

"I know exactly where my path is and what I'm thinking for the future" said Keane on a visit to Crumlin Children's Hospital on Wednesday to mark one year before the start of UEFA EURO 2020.

"I'm in no rush. Marcello Lippi said to me last year when I was on holidays with him, he said to me. 'Robbie don't rush, don't rush, take your time. You've got hopefully forty years of being a manager, or being involved in football, so why rush?'

"I'm in a great position that I don't need to," Keane added. "I'm not desperate to get a job. I'm very comfortable with what I'm doing at the moment.

"For me it's a long term plan, it's not a short fix for me. I'm not desperate to be a manager now."

Robbie Keane was not willing to give up Irish job

Keane was quick to clarify that he is doing a lot more within the Republic of Ireland set-up than just coaching the forwards and that he was not willing to give up his international job.

He told Gibson as much when he met him for lunch and also sought clearance from Irish boss, Mick McCarthy.

"I spoke to Mick and told him that under no circumstances would I take it if I had to leave [the Irish set-up] and he was delighted," Keane said.

"He told me, 'You're not f***ing leaving here!' That was his words, excuse my language. So it's up to me if I want to do it."

The Tallaght native admits to being excited by the offer from the English Championship club and reckons that he could make a decision, after speaking to his family, in the next couple of days.

He has remained in contact with Woodgate but had never spoke to him previously about teaming up together in management.

"He's been a coach for two years there at Middlesbrough. I seen in the news that he was going to get the job maybe a couple of weeks ago but I didn't think for one second that he was going to call me.

"I thought he may have someone there that he's with but the first person he called was me , so I must be alright. I must not be a bad fella!"

Click here to watch the full sit-down chat with Keane who also talks about Ireland's Euro 2020 campaign so far and fellow Dubliner Troy Parrott's chances of breaking through at his old club Tottenham.

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