Katie Taylor open to professio...


Katie Taylor open to professional bout against Kellie Harrington

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World lightweight boxing champion Katie Taylor has hinted at a possible future bout with fellow Olympic gold medallist Kellie Harrington. 

Harrington followed in Taylor's footsteps by being crowned lightweight Olympic champion in Tokyo earlier this month and is yet to decide if she'll remain amateur for the Paris Games in 2024.

Taylor, who is preparing to defend her titles against Jennifer Han in Leeds this weekend, says Harrington was "incredible" in Japan.

“I was the proudest person in the world watching all the Irish athletes competing and performing and to see that victory was absolutely phenomenal. It was such a great performance.

“It’s the honour of fighting for your country at the Olympic Games. There is nothing better really than bringing the title and the honour to your country. It is something very, very special.

“I was glued to the whole Games. Just to see her perform at the highest level and perform so well was absolutely incredible. It will inspire a generation of kids particularly in the inner city in Dublin which is absolutely incredible."

While Taylor's focus is entirely on her latest world title bout at the weekend, she's open to a showdown with Harrington at professional level.

“If she decides to go pro, I guess we can talk about it. For the time being though, I have my own opponents to focus on."

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