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Juventus, Barcelona and Madrid determined to achieve change | Agnelli

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Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli says he's committed to reforming European football, despite opposition to the proposed Super League.

His club and LaLiga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only of the 12 founder clubs of the European Super League who haven't withdrawn from the competition.

The Italian businessman stepped down from UEFA's board in the wake of the Super League's collapse but he insists European football is headed toward "insolvency" if reforms aren't introduced.

"For years I have tried to change European competitions from the inside, because the signs of crisis were evident even before the pandemic," he told a press conference this afternoon.

"The Super League is not a coup, but a desperate cry of alarm for a system that, knowingly or not, is heading towards insolvency.

"The agreement between the founders was conditional on UEFA's prior recognition of the competition. The response was deafening, with offensive terms and arrogant methods, and then it turned to three clubs.

"It is not with this type of behaviour that football is reformed in the face of this crisis. Fortunately, I know that not everyone in UEFA feels the same way. The desire for dialogue, however, remains unchanged.

"Other sports have faced changes of this type, and almost all stakeholders agree that the model needs to be changed.

"Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are determined to achieve a complete reform of the competitions, and above all, in the interest of the clubs that show us fear for this situation."

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