Hamraoui pleads for privacy as...


Hamraoui pleads for privacy as Abidal's wife now a suspect in attack

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Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Kheira Hamraoui has pleaded for privacy as the story around her attack took a major swerve. 

The wife of former France and Barcelona defender Eric Abidal has emerged as a suspect in the November 4 attack on the 31-year old.

Hamraoui's teammate Amanita Diallo was initially questioned in relation to the violent assault, but was later released without charge.

While travelling from dinner with Diallo, Hamraoui was dragged from her car by masked men who injured her legs and arms while allegedly shouting, "Do you like that? Sleeping with married men??"

Earlier this week, prosecutor for the Republic of Versailles Maryvonne Caillibotte said that Abidal would be called for questioning into the case. She also didn't rule out speaking to Abidal's wife of 18-years, Hayet.

Investigators discovered that Hamraoui's phone - taken from the scene - was in Abidal's name.

On Tuesday, Hamraoui's lawyer - Saïd Harir - urged for her "privacy to be respected, as well as her choice to remain silent during this difficult ordeal".

Harir said his client's attackers exhibited "an undisguised desire to harm her professional career", adding that the assault has caused "significant physical and psychological damage."

Meanwhile, Diallo's legal representative has also spoken of the distress caused by her brief implication in the case.

Mourad Battikh described Diallo's arrest as "scandalous", saying the France international has been psychologically damaged by her arrest and subsequent questioning.

"Over 6,000 articles appeared in national and international media, he said, "She is determined to shed light and to proclaim her innocence on the judicial level."

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