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'Fair' to give Liverpool Premier League title | Ilkay Gundogan

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Manchester City midfelder would Ilkay Gundogan has admitted that he would be 'okay' with Liverpool being given the title if the season ended prematurely.

The Premier League season is currently in limbo with a suspension in place until April 29 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Talks involving the clubs are looking at how to run the current season off before the start of next season but the unpredictability of the pandemic makes it difficult to make any definite arrangements.

The German international was asked would he be happy with the league leaders being given the title if the season is cut short, Gudogan told German broadcaster ZDF: "For me, that would be okay, yes."

"You have to be fair as a sportsperson," he added.

Liverpool are 25 points clear at the top of the table and while City have one game in hand, the Reds need just two more wins to secure their first league title in 30 years.

Gundogan acknowledges that ending the season prematurely would be a decision that would divide opinion.

"There are different opinions. For clubs who have had a very good season, it obviously wouldn't be nice if it was cancelled now," he said.

"On the other hand, for clubs who aren't doing as well and are maybe in the relegation places, an abandonment would obviously suit them."

There have been pay cuts for players in other leagues around Europe with clubs struggling due to losses in matchday revenue and broadcasting money.

Players with big clubs in Spain, Italy and Germany have all agreed to a reduction in their salary and Gundogan would be happy to do the same if those measures had to be taken by Premier League clubs.

"Of course I think it's OK, that goes without saying - [but] there's been no discussion in England yet," he said.

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