"I'm not having that. Sorry I'm not" - Dan Carr tells us his side of the Stephen Bradley's jibe story

Raf Diallo
Raf Diallo

04:35 21 Aug 2019

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Dan Carr has doubled down on his rejection of Stephen Bradley's claim that he "felt he was bigger" than Shamrock Rovers.

The striker also expressed his surprise and disappointment that the Rovers head coach would say what he said.

Carr left Shamrock Rovers for Cyprus' Apollon Limassol on Monday.

But Rovers head coach Bradley then implied that Carr felt he was bigger than the club.

"This club is a special club and it’s bigger than any one individual and unfortunately, that individual just felt he was a little bit bigger than us," he had said.

Carr had responded forcefully on Twitter, describing Bradley's remarks as a "load of bollocks" and "untrue".

He joined us on our League of Ireland Podcast to expand on that view.

"I had 18 months left on my contract. I'm not going to ask to leave to go anywhere," he said.

"All that rubbish"

"So that wasn't the case and the bid was accepted by the club. As far as I'm concerned, that's just how I saw it.

"I don't want to go into too much detail and start stirring some more pots. That 'I said, he said, she said', all that rubbish. I sent that tweet for a reason, just to defend myself.

"Because I've had some good times here at Rovers. Everyone that knows me would know that I've never thought I'm bigger than anybody. Let alone a club. I could never think I'm bigger than Shamrock Rovers. Of course, I never portrayed that. I genuinely did love playing for Shamrock Rovers and got a lot of love from the fans."

He added that transfer movement were a normal part of football.

"This opportunity came to me and the club accepted the bid from Apollon Limassol. So yes, my time at Rovers was up I guess," he said.

Carr also said the "only disappointment was that I never got to win any silverware" at Rovers.

He also acknowledged that Bradley "helped me during my time" at the club.

"Which was a bit surprising hearing of his comments," Dan Carr continued.

"It was actually a friend that told me about the comments. When I learned of it, I said, 'What?' It's quite disappointing, to be honest. I'm not having that. Sorry, I'm not and I have to defend myself."

But he also thanked the fans for their support in the wake of the comments.

You can listen to the full Dan Carr interview on the League of Ireland podcast here.

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