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Westin Hotel Backs Down From Changing Name To Westmoreland Hotel

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The owners of the Westin Hotel  have backed down from changing its name to the Westmoreland.

The owners of the five star luxury hotel decided to rename the hotel 'the Westmoreland' last month.

On the face of it this made sense, however it was then pointed out that ''Westmoreland'' has associations with slavery.

The 10th Earl of Westmoreland was a lord lieutenant of Ireland and also a defender of slavery and denounced attempts to end it in 1799.

Now, the owners of the Westin say they will rename it 'The College Green Hotel' instead.

The new name will start being used at the end of the year.

Commenting, Joanne Dillon, General Manager, The Westin Dublin, said: “College Green is one of the most historic yet contemporary and dynamic locations in Dublin where journeys converge at the heart of a bustling city. The College Green Hotel will offer guests and locals alike an oasis of calm in the heart of the city.

“Having initially considered a renaming to The Westmoreland Hotel, we took on board the feedback from patrons and others, which alongside reflection on our environment and patron experience, informed our decision to opt for a new name. We are very excited to adopt The College Green Hotel as our new brand and are grateful to those who shared their views. It feels right for us and for our patrons, both now and for the future. We will continue as The Westin Dublin for the coming months and look forward to becoming The College Green Hotel at the end of the year.”


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