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Veronica Guerin's Brother Writes Letter To Politicians Over John Gilligan Documentary

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The brother of murdered journalist Veronica Guerin is calling for political support to stop further episodes of a programme about John Gilligan from airing.

The first episode of 'Confessions of a Crime Boss' aired on Virgin Media on Monday and there are two more episodes.

Jimmy Guerin has written to politicians asking them to support his calls for Virgin Media to reconsider its decision to air the programme.

He says the show has been upsetting for his family and caused unnecessary pain.

He adds John Gilligan shouldn't be given a platform to peddle his lies.

He writes in the letter

''This has been most upsetting for our family and causes unnecessary pain where Journalists and a national TV station provide this amoral individual these platforms to peddle his lies and tarnish Veronica’s reputation and legacy.

On top of that it is hurtful to the thousands of families whose lives have been destroyed by drugs to give the leader of the gang responsible for the largest importation of drugs into this country a platform where he can laugh and dismiss the hurt he has caused these people.

Whether we like it or not there are people who will look up to this man, who will be influenced by him and think that to become involved in crime is an option for some of them.''

He also says John Gilligan makes comments about hitting his wife in the next episode and says this shouldn't be broadcast.

''I know as a public representative the serious problem we have with domestic violence and to allow these comments to be aired on national television by a man who is known to beat women is wrong. We owe it to the victims of domestic violence to prevent this being aired on national TV.

In my view, and I accept I am biased, that prior to having Veronica murdered he ripped her clothes open to see if she was wearing a wire and then beat her black and blue. Is it right that this man is given airtime?''

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