Truckers Threaten to Bring Dub...


Truckers Threaten to Bring Dublin City To A Stand Still Tomorrow

Fiona Cooney
Fiona Cooney

03:28 10 Apr 2022

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Haulers have announced the meeting points for tomorrow's protest against fuel prices.

They've warned all those participating that this could continue for  "at least one week, maybe even two."

The organisation has renamed itself  "The People of Ireland Against Fuel Prices" and have invited vehicles of all size to join.

They predict the city will be on "complete lockdown" until their demands are met.

In a social media statement, the Truckers said there is "no turning back".

They wrote: "Once we are in we stop and we do not move until our demands are met.

"Remember this is for the people of Ireland and we will all benefit.

"Let's stand together once and for all."

Representative bodies for the haulage sector are distancing themselves from the rally. President of the Road Haulage Association, Eugene Drennan, says its focus is in the wrong place. He says "the government has done a substantial amount, and the haulers should be going to their employers instead".

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