Surge In Numbers Ditching Dubl...


Surge In Numbers Ditching Dublin's Property Market For Sea Side Homes

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Dublin City is losing its appeal in the property market, a new report has found.

Searches for houses or rooms in Dublin City Centre were down over 65 percent.

The report also noted a 56 percent drop in searches for properties in Dundrum.

The report found that 9 percent of people have changed their minds - and would now prefer to live by the coast than in a city.

Searches for homes in Skull in West Cork were up 75 percent while Carlingford in Louth saw a 60 percent increase in interest.

Staycations And Remote Working Inspire Rural Relocations

Dr. Tom Gillespie is Environmental Economist with NUIG and author of the report.

He said a renewed interest in the sea and sea swimming could be contributing to the surge.

"We've had a few staycations summers and increased savings," he said.

"Remote working has changed the trade-off between having to live near work or live near nature."

Dr Gillepsie says the change in working habits has brought a "renewed thinking" to many city-dwellers.

"We see a lot of people who are relocating from cities and locals who are from these coastal areas returning", he said.

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