Stranded Passengers Accuse Rya...


Stranded Passengers Accuse Ryanair Of Abandoning Them


02:50 19 Jan 2020

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Ryanair has been accused of abandoning over 100 Dublin bound passengers at Krakow airport on Friday.

Flight number FR1902 was delayed and had to be moved to another airport due to fog.

The airline says it arranged buses to transfer its customers to Katowice airport instead.

In a statement, it said: "This flight from Krakow to Dublin (17 Jan) was delayed due to heavy fog at Krakow.

"Customers were provided with refreshment vouchers and notified of the delay by email/SMS text message.

"Coaches were organised and the flight departed from Katowice to Dublin later that day."

No Bus

However, many passengers say the coaches never arrived and the flight took off without them.

Cat Sawkins is still trying to get home; 48 hours later.

She has accused the airline is guilty of negligence.

She says; "It was a total farce. There was no bus- they did not provide a bus. If there was a bus we would have got on it, 100 people are not stupid enough to all miss the same bus."


Other passengers say that the refreshment vouchers offered by the airline weren't distributed until 2 am. by which time all food and drinks shops in the airport had closed.

Student Laura Murphy said: "We were in the airport for more than 12 hours and not gotten any food from Ryanair even though they are legally obligated to give us food vouchers."

She said "We had to request water from the airport staff. Someone even fainted in my group."

Ryanair has apologised to all customers affected.

The airline said the delay was caused by the weather and was entirely beyond its control.

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