Numerous Families Accommodated...


Numerous Families Accommodated Following Blanchardstown Apartment Fire

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A fire has caused significant damage at a high-rise apartment block in Blanchardstown.

A local resident says more than seven families had to be accommodated overnight because of damage to their homes.

The blaze broke out at around half-four yesterday afternoon at the Falcon View apartments and spread across five floors within minutes.

Large amounts of smoke and flames were seen but it was later brought under control

One line of inquiry is that the fire was caused by an electric fault but the investigation is still at a very early stage.

The homes of those affected will now be assessed to see if and when they can return.

Local  Fine Gael councillor Punam Rane says it's a miracle nobody was injured.

She said: ''These buildings have alarms and everything worked correctly. So everything worked correctly so it was easy for people to be evacuated very very quickly.''

Local resident Kiowa Daly spoke to 98FM news:

"When we were going down the fire exit, down the stairs, I don't think anyone had actually realised that it was a real serious fire," he said.

"Sometimes we have a fire alarm that goes off just from someone in their kitchen or something.

"We were all going down the stairs pretty calmly, but then once we got out and turned around and looked at the building, we seen four apartments - the balconies - were on fire".

He praised one neighbour who may have saved many lives:

"We're hoping to get an update today that we can go back and get a few more things," he said.

"We've got lots of screens and clothes - because we work from home - we'd like to at least get something so we can keep our income," he added.

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