Ringsend Water Pumps Getting S...


Ringsend Water Pumps Getting Significant Upgrade

Brendan O'Loughlin
Brendan O'Loughlin

11:32 19 Feb 2020

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The biggest wastewater pumping station in the country is getting an upgrade.

The Ringsend treatment plant handles 40% of all of Ireland's wastewater, and is under massive pressure.

There are long-term plans to upgrade the entire plant to help cope with demand.

As part of those plans, six pumps will be replaced at the plant by the end of 2020.

Irish Water says the works will "substantially" reduce the amount of energy used and carbon produced.

Energy usage at the pumping station is expected to fall by almost 3 million kWh, saving €335,000 a year.

Carbon emissions should be reduced by 2,270 tonnes per year.

The pumps will be replaced one by one, so that the station can continue to run during the upgrade.

As well as six new pumps, two new transformers will be fitted at the pumping station roof will be refurbished.

Stephen Seymour from Irish Water has described the €8m upgrade as "significant".

He also warned people against flushing anything other than tissue paper down the toilet.

"I don't think that people generally realise the problems caused by flushing items such as wipes, cotton buds, plasters and nappies", he said.

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