Rathfarnham School Scraps Home...


Rathfarnham School Scraps Homework

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

01:02 6 Nov 2019

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A junior school in Rathfarnham has scrapped homework.

The trial at Loreto Primary School was introduced after discussions about the stress homework can cause.

Students are still being encouraged to read, do spellings and tables.

While 6th class pupils will still have to do written work.

The school's principal, Sister Maria Hyland, says they've noticed several benefits.

"Certainly our teachers are finding that the children are more relaxed in the morning coming to school.

"And also they find that the oral work, there has been a great increase; and that the children really know the spellings - both in their Irish and English - and the tables".

"Teachers are very happy and seeing a definite improvement in that area".

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