Rare Eclipse Event To Take Pla...


Rare Eclipse Event To Take Place At 10AM Morning

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This morning, stargazers and space enthusiasts will have the chance to see the best eclipse event in recent years takes place.

Just before 10 o'clock this morning the moon will begin tracking across the face of the sun and partially block it for up to two and a half hours.

There may be a slight drop in temperature when it happens.

Public Asked Not To Look Directly At The Eclipse

For safety reasons the public are being urged not to look at the sun while the event is taking place.

But Seanie Morris, from the Midlands Astronomy Club, says there are other ways of enjoying the spectacle in the sky.

"Try taking a colinder or a metal sieve - something with small holes in it."

"Each hole will act as a pin hole projector," he said.

The astronomer also recommends looking at the ground to see millions of sunny spots dotted underfoot or watch through the gaps between trees.


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