Portobello Residents Call For...


Portobello Residents Call For Removal Of Portaloos

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The Portobello Residents Association is calling for portaloos in the area to be removed.

In a statement to Dublin City Council, the group said it wants to see the facilities removed "immediately", citing the neighbourhood as a residential area and not "party central".

While the statement notes that local opinion is divided on the issue, it says many residents living near the eight portaloos oppose the toilets.

It follows a controversial move by DCC last month to close Portobello Plaza at the weekends to deter groups gathering to drink outdoors.

The area has since been reopened.

The Council have replied to the residents association stating it has "great sympathy" for local residents but noted its duty to provide an outdoor summer, as mandated by government.

The toilets are open until 11pm every night and are serviced regularly.

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