People Urged Not To Feed The D...


People Urged Not To Feed The Deer In Phoenix Park

Joe Caulfield
Joe Caulfield

01:24 18 Jun 2024

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Don't feed the deer in Phoenix Park.

That's the very clear message from the Office of Public Works, which is launching a campaign today to show why it's so important.

The OPW and University College Dublin have recently published a report which shows the impact of human feeding on the behaviour and well-being of the herd.

Feeding the deer can have negative effects on their digestion and it can make them aggressive, as they learn to beg for food.



It's warned the much loved residents of the park could become like seagulls if people continue to feed them.

Jane Faull, a PhD researcher with UCD, says the deer will become more aggressive over time if they're not left alone.

"There's the danger that the animal is going to move its head unpredictably, you might get smacked. There's also the danger of disease transmission. We don't know if they have any diseases, they're well looked after but obviously they are a wild population. You just don't want to be putting yourself in that situation, it's a totally unnecessary risk."

So, the message for those visiting the deer in Phoenix Park is simpe, love them from a distance.

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