Patrick Kielty Reveals His Fee...


Patrick Kielty Reveals His Fee For The Late Late Show

Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly

01:32 29 Jun 2023

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Patrick Kielty will be paid €250,000 per season of the Late Late Show.

The presenter said he hopes he can help to clarify things as the hidden payments controversy at RTÉ continues.

In a statement issued through his publicist, Patrick Kielty says he will get paid over €8,000 for each Late Late Show he hosts.

He says it is a deal until 2026 for 30-shows a season - and if RTE requires more than that - it will pay him €8,000 for each.

He also said the contract he signed with the broadcaster gives him flights and accommodation expenses - but he said that has been waived and he will pay for his own flights to and from Ireland as well as his own accommodation.

Patrick Kielty will continue to live in Britain while being host of the show aired from Dublin.

He says he has asked RTÉ to carbon offset his flights

The county Down presenter also says he is getting a one-off payment of €20,000 to cover pre-production and rehearsals for the show which starts in September.

He says: "I’m pleased to finally be able to share that I’ve signed a three season deal to host The Late Late Show beginning this September.

"I’m being paid €250,000 per 30 show season. If additional shows are requested by RTE, they’ll be paid on a pro-rata basis.

"I’m also receiving a one-off payment of €20,000 to cover the pre-production and rehearsals from now to September.

"The contract allows me to submit flight and accommodation expenses, but I’ve waived this. I’ve made it clear to RTE that I will be covering my own flights and accommodation costs.

"I’ve also asked RTE to carbon offset my flights.

"I genuinely hope this helps clarify things going forward. I can’t wait to get started."

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