More than 600 people prosecute...


More than 600 people prosecuted for domestic violence last year

Eoghan Murphy
Eoghan Murphy

09:39 25 Jan 2023

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Some 612 people were prosecuted for domestic violence last year, according to new Freedom of Information figures.

They show that 2,000 people have been prosecuted for domestic violence in the past four years.

Last year, 612 people were prosecuted for the crime – down slightly on the 629 prosecuted last year but up significantly on the 252 prosecuted in 2019.

Some 507 people were prosecuted in 2020.


Criminal barrister and Fine Gael senator, Barry Ward, says the State should have a zero-tolerance approach to the crime.

“Well, the effect of domestic violence on everyone is huge,” he said.

“Not just the victims – their families, their households and anyone who comes into contact with it.

“So, it is absolutely appropriate that there is a crackdown on this type of behaviour.

“It is a matter that will always be taken seriously and people should rest assured that if they go to Gardaí with a complaint, it will be dealt with and that is why you see this number of prosecutions coming forward.”


He said domestic violence is normally a straightforward offence to prosecute.

“It is only a difficult crime to prosecute when the victim feels that she or he cannot come forward and continue with the prosecution,” he said.

“Very often the problem with prosecuting domestic violence is that the complainant in the case withdraws the complaint.

“That is about putting in place systems that reassure victims and reassure them that the process will respect the complaint that they have made.”

Domestic violence prosecutions in Ireland.

  • 2019: 252
  • 2020: 507
  • 2021: 629
  • 2022: 612

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