Leaving Cert Students To Recei...


Leaving Cert Students To Receive Calculated Grades Tomorrow


11:22 6 Sep 2020

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Leaving Cert students will receive their calculated grades online from 9am tomorrow.

Almost 80% of students’ estimated grades given by their teachers and schools will remain the same.

However, there are fears that students applying with results from previous years could be at a disadvantage.

Students can still sit the exams in November if they are unhappy with their results, and then choose the best of the two.

Controversy has surrounded the system introduced after the exams themselves were scrapped, with students applying with pre-2020 results potentially negatively impacted.

Beatrice Dooley, President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, said that last year they received over 1,200 calls from students with queries.

She told Newstalk that the focus for those getting their results tomorrow would be working out their points.

She said: "It's important for them to stay calm and work out their points of their best six subjects.

"It looks like there will be points inflation.

"The thing to say is it's a bit of a marathon, it's not all going to happen tomorrow.

She said people will have to be patient and wait until the CAO offers come out on Friday.

Students have the option to launch an appeals process if they're not happy with their results.

Both young people and parents can contact the Institute of Guidance Counsellors helpline next week if they have queries on 1800 265 165.

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