Leaving Cert Students Advised...


Leaving Cert Students Advised To Mind Themselves This Weekend

Valerie McHugh
Valerie McHugh

12:37 10 Jun 2023

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Leaving Cert students are being encouraged to mind themselves between exams.

The advice comes as the first week of exams has finished, with students back in the exam halls on Monday.

They'll be sitting down to do Paper 2 in Maths and Irish Paper 1. Founder and Teacher Luke Saunders, says students shouldn't over do it this weekend:

He said: "Firstly, have a think about what's happening on Monday and Tuesday. For many Leaving Cert students, they will have two days of double exams. 

"That can be quite tricky to manage energy levels. 

"I would advise students to try over the weekend to get some time to recuperate and try and get some exercise.

"Try to get a bit of normality. Obviously, do study as well." 

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