Gardaí Defend The Use Of Baton...


Gardaí Defend The Use Of Baton Charges In The City Centre

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The tactics used by Gardaí in Dublin and Cork over the weekend was a "necessary response", according to a representative body.

Shields and baton charges were used to deal with violence that erupted after large groups of young people gathered.

A total of 55 arrests were made, the majority of those in the capital, while a number of Gardaí were injured and patrol cars were damaged.

Vice President of the Garda Representative Association, Brendan O'Connor, believes they reacted appropriately.

While he said the "the vast majority people behaved themselves" there was a minority who engaged in antisocial behavior.

"Of course you're always going to have a small element that are intent on causing problems," he said.

"That's when you saw an escalation of the policing response - that was required and necessary."

Garda O'Connor praised his members who he said did a "sterling job".

Garda Response Divides Public Opinion

Meanwhile, videos of gardaí in riot gear were met with mixed opinions online.

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald called for further planning to cater for an "outdoor summer" without the need for baton charges.

Some twitter users labelled it an "overreaction" and "not normal" while others praised the Gardaí's actions.

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