Four Dublin City Centre Street...


Four Dublin City Centre Streets To Be Pedestrianised From Today

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Dublin City Council is to close off certain streets around the capital to traffic from today to facilitate outdoor dining.

They include South Anne Street, South William Street, Drury Street, and Dame Court.

The work is being overseen by the Office of City Recovery

It's in an effort to increase footfall in the city and to assist restaurants and bars get back on their feet following months of lockdown.

"I think the public want their freedom to move around the city," says CEO of Dublin Town, Richard Guiney.

"When we had trials last year it was great to see kids running up and down streets which had been busy with cars just the week before."

Meanwhile, the Dublin Lord Mayor, Hazel Chu, believes it will boost footfall in the city even more.

"This has been the first time since Christmas that we've seen so many people in the City Centre," she said.

"The whole plan for pedestrianisation is to provide with safe, adequate space for dining."

"[Trade and restaurants] have been on their knees have been on their knees for the past year, and this is the Council's of trying to provide people with outdoor space to get their businesses going."


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