Former Stardust Manager Gives...


Former Stardust Manager Gives Evidence At Inquest

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

06:06 22 Sep 2023

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The former Stardust manager has denied throwing the now-deceased head bouncer "under the bus".

78-year-old Eamonn Butterly was giving evidence for a second day at the inquest into the blaze that killed 48 people more than 40 years ago.

Counsel for the inquests continued their questioning of Eamonn Butterly and asked him about events that took place when the fire broke out.

Mr Butterly told the 13-person jury that he was told around 1.30am there was a fire and to call 999.

It was put to him if the fire extinguishers were working on the night and he said "nobody told me they weren't".

Michael O'Higgins, who’s representing families of the victims, said would it not be a matter of common sense that there should have been a policy in place in the event of a fire of "lights up, music off, leave immediately".

Mr Butterly said "we weren’t given any regulations about that".

Mr O'Higgins asked him if it was true that Tom Kennan had locked doors on his own initiative.

Mr Butterly replied ''yes''.

Several accounts from people who had difficulty getting out of the exits, including the main entrance, were read out by Mr O'Higgins.

He said the accounts painted a graphic picture of people who were trapped in the building.

Mr Butterly's evidence continues on Tuesday morning in the Pillar Room of the Rotunda Hospital.

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