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ESB Refers "Serious Safety Incident" At Poolbeg This Morning To Aviation Regulator

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

05:26 31 May 2024

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The ESB says it has raised a "serious safety incident" at Poolbeg in Dublin with the Aviation Regulator.

Three skydivers flew between the chimneys, a move which the ESB says it did not give permission for.

This morning three skydivers jumped from a helicopter above Dublin Bay, and flew between the Poolbeg towers as part of their descent.

It was a marketing stunt organised by a drinks company.

However the ESB says it was not approached and did not give permission for the dive, adding this could have turned into a "serious safety incident."

The site is no longer in use but works and maintenance are ongoing on the towers and other parts of the area.

The ESB says it has workers, steeplejacks, hanging from the chimneys as they work on it at present.

It's referred the safety incident to the aviation regulator and the Health and Safety Authority, warning today's stunt brought the potential for a serious safety incident for the skydivers involved or for its workers on the towers.

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