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Dublin Fan Allegedly Tried To Burn Tyrone Flag After Game In Omagh

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10:29 6 Aug 2019

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A Dublin fan has been criticised online for allegedly attempting to burn a Tyrone flag in Omagh after the Boys in Blue's win.

Jim Gavin's team defeated the Red Hand County over the weekend in their final Super 8s game, with the biggest talking point from the pitch being the return of Diarmuid Connolly to the starting 15. He bagged himself a point, but his game ended early after getting a black card late-on.

However on the Dublin GAA fans group on Facebook, one supporter has been accused of trying to set fire to a red and white flag after the game.

The post read:

"When leaving the venue in Omagh yesterday a so-called Dublin supporter scaled the flag pole and attempted to set the Tyrone flag alight. Every single Dublin supporter to a man, woman, and child booed him and screamed him down. You do not interfere with anybody's flag. Very proud of the Dublin supporters."

The claim has faced backlash from fellow Dubs supporters, with one asking for the person to be identified and barred from any future match, saying "he is not a football supporter but rather a thug". Other fans have agreed, saying there is no room within the GAA for such behaviour.

Another user said, "there's always that one person that thinks he's the big man. It's no wonder Dublin has a reputation. It's a fella like him that would start a row very quick."

A Tyrone supporter also added this to the debate, "we all seem to have 'one' ..fair play to those who got him down....was a pleasure having rest of all well behaved Dub supporters in our town yesterday."

Jim Gavin's side now prepare to take on Mayo this Saturday in Croke Park in the All-Ireland semi-final, as the drive for five-in-a-row titles continues.

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