Dublin City Council Tops Up Th...


Dublin City Council Tops Up The Mansion House With Alcohol


09:07 15 May 2019

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Dublin City Council has bought an additional 71 kegs of beer for Dublin's Mansion House.

It's after a second allowance ran out.

The latest top up cost over 15-thousand euro, according to The Times Ireland Edition.

The Lord Mayor ran out of his yearly allowance of alcohol in January, and then again in March.

Nial Ring's year long term of office ends next month.

It's expected his administration will have served up almost 24-thousand pints by then.

Sinn Fein Councillor Micheal Mac Donncha is Mr. Ring's predecessor.

He said: 'If you remember that this is a public facility. These are essentially public rooms.

'People are there at the invitation of the Lord Mayor.

'The people who I would have had and I know the current Lord Mayor has had.

'We would have had an older peoples group and particularity older people who have retired and made a good contribution to Dublin and Ireland.'

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