Disgust As Rental Ad Offers Do...


Disgust As Rental Ad Offers Double Bed Shared With A Stranger

Ellen Butler
Ellen Butler

05:56 26 Jul 2023

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And it's not cheap either...

There's renewed outrage at the housing crisis after an ad appeared online offering a double bed shared with a stranger.

The listing - which has since been removed - advertised a double room in a family home in Adamstown, Lucan for €650 a month.

It says the room is available to a woman, and that the double bed would be shared with a student from Trinity College.

The ad also states the house is not owner-occupied.

It's reignited the conversation on social media about the state of Ireland's rental market, with some querying the legality of the arrangement and describing it as "absolute greed".

Ciarán Mulqueen - the author of How to Buy a Home in Ireland - also tracks house prices and rental ads on the Crazy House Prices social media account.

He says it's a reminder of how renters are being taken advantage of in Ireland;

"It's really concerning...The family, they're currently renting it, it's not their own property, it's not owner-occupied. So, I assume it's probably against their lease to sublet a room and especially to sublet a bed to two different people."

Ciarán adds that the family in question is likely under financial pressure, but says that doesn't justify an arrangement like this;

"You could probably assume the family has financial issues or they're struggling a bit like everyone is, and I would empathise with that...but you simply cannot ask somebody to pay you €650 a month to sleep in a bed with a stranger. It's horrific."

He says it raises some very legitimate questions;

"One - the legality of such an ad. Two - just the safety and privacy concerns, as well as the extortion of someone for €650 a month to share a bed with a stranger."

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