The Derry Girls Blackboard Has...


The Derry Girls Blackboard Has Gone On Display At A Museum

Brendan O'Loughlin
Brendan O'Loughlin

04:15 21 Feb 2020

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The blackboard used in the opening episode of the new season of Derry Girls has gone on public display.

It was used by the characters to list the differences they could think of between Catholics and Protestants.

They included things like Protestants keeping toasters in cupboards, and Catholics being big fans of statues.

The blackboard is now on display at the Ulster Museum in Belfast, as part of an exhibition on cultural stereotypes.

“It’s a good-humoured exhibition and we’re doing it in a slightly different way, but it is also provocative,” Kathryn Thomson, the chief executive of National Museums Northern Ireland, told the BBC.

“We hope that people will come together and they will have conversations and in doing so, it’ll help to challenge their own perceptions and their own ideas around identity and culture here.”

Lisa McGee, the creator of Derry Girls, has described the inclusion of the blackboard in an exhibition as "so hilarious".

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