Coronavirus: 37 More Deaths In...


Coronavirus: 37 More Deaths In Ireland

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

05:46 6 May 2020

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There have been 37 more deaths from the coronavirus in Ireland.

Latest figures also show 265 new cases have been confirmed.

It brings the total death toll to 1,375, while the number of confirmed cases stands at 22,248.

It comes as Britain and Germany have been outlining their plans for relaxing restrictions.

Some 258,000 people with the virus have died, while more than 3.6 million cases have been diagnosed worldwide.

The US remains the worst-hit country, with 71,000 deaths and over 1.2 million cases.

But US President Donald Trump says the White House COVID Taskforce is being wound down soon.

The death toll in the UK remains the highest in Europe - with over 29,000 fatalities.

However British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has signalled an easing of lockdown measures from Monday.

In Germany, where nearly 7,000 have lost their lives, restrictions are being relaxed to allow people from separate households to meet.

But mouth and nose coverings must be worn on public transport.

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