Coombe Cyber Attack - Too Soon...


Coombe Cyber Attack - Too Soon To Say If Personal Info Was Breached

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

12:25 16 Dec 2021

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The Coombe Hospital was hit with a cyber attack last night, which has impacted several systems within the facility, according to the HSE.

It says services are continuing as normal.

However the IT networks have been locked down on a precautionary basis.

Too Early To Say

It's too early to say if any personal information was accessed during the attack.

That's according to the Minister for State for Cyber Security Ossian Smyth.

He says both Gardai and Cyber Security Centre staff are investigating the breach.

Ossian Smyth says though the facility is not a HSE Hospital, the additional protections put in place by the health service after the last attack helped detect this one:

“So it's too early to say yet whether any personal information has been breached.”

“I do want to thank the HSE because their connection into the Coombe’s network detected that this attack was going on.”

"So they were able to let us know in the Cyber Security Centre that there was an attack in the Coombe and to help them out. "

So the things that the HSE did after the last attack, to protect its network, have helped to detect this intrusion into the Coombe.”

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