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City Councillors React To Owen Keegan's 'Embarrassing' Tents Comments

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"Embarrassing", "callous" and "out of touch" are some of the words Dublin City Councillors used to describe comments made by the Chief Executive Owen Keegan on tents in the city.

Owen Keegan said the presence of tents added to the perception that the city is 'edgy'.

All city councillors were asked for their views, with a lot of opposition to what Mr Keegan said.

One councillor said his comments were disrespectful.

Another believes he shouldn't be a news-setter and is in a role that should be apolitical.

Others think Dublin city isn't being run with the residents of the city in mind.

Another representative said Mr Keegan shouldn't do media interviews again and misrepresented himself in comments.

While some were happy with the job he was doing.

He was appointed to the role of CEO of the local authority in September 2013.

Last year his contract was extended for another three years.

In total 29 of the 62 Dublin city councillors replied to the request for comment with the majority saying they have full confidence in the Dublin City council CEO to carry out duties.

Each member of Dublin City Council was contacted on three separate occasions last week as part of the survey - apart from two representative whose phone numbers are not publicly available.

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