Calls To Move Dublin Port From...


Calls To Move Dublin Port From City Centre

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

07:35 15 Feb 2022

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Companies in the docklands have called for Dublin Port to be moved.

In a submission to Dublin City Council's 2022-2028 draft development plan, the Docklands Business Forum says the 200 hectares of land would be better used for housing and offices.

The forum, which represents 200 local companies including Google, says the port should move away from the mouth of the Liffey to facilities elsewhere.

It says it no longer makes sense to have Ireland's biggest port so close to the city centre according to the Irish Times. It went on to say it's critical of plans to increase capacity at the port.

But the head of Dublin Port, Eamonn O’Reilly, says he doesn't think it's possible to get planning permission to move it and that the work currently underway is needed to avoid the port reaching capacity as early as 2030.

In its own submission to the draft development plan, it said the city needed all of the utilities that currently exist at the port and that it was important the plan supported its continued development.

A number of studies on moving the port two years ago were rejected.

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