Calls For More 'Pocket Parks'...


Calls For More 'Pocket Parks' Across Dublin

Emily Keegan
Emily Keegan

10:16 29 Sep 2023

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A Green Party MEP is calling on Dublin City Council to develop more small, green spaces outdoors.

Ciaran Cuffe says the development of 'pocket parks' would be beneficial for people who live in apartments or smaller homes with no garden or outdoor space.

He says that, traditionally, we're very good at creating larger parks with football pitches and plenty of green space, but the focus now needs to change, since many people no longer live in large homes.

"A pocket park is a small patch of grass with maybe a tree or two, a bench, perhaps a sand pit or something like that, that would available within walking distance of people's homes".

"In the last few years we've seen quite a rise in apartment living, where people have very little outside space, maybe a small balcony if they're lucky, and I think we need to think again about the kind of green spaces that should be made available".

Mr. Cuffe adds the development of these spaces doesn't have to be too expensive, and space which has been allocated for surface level parking could instead be used for these pocket parks.

He says attitudes are changing and people are realising the importance of outdoor spaces.

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