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Call For More Public Toilets In The City

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

09:17 6 Sep 2023

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There are calls for more public toilets in the city and a charge of around a euro to use them.

Around half of the 28 public facilities in the Capital are in use with several of those currently listed as 'Closed'.

Dublin authorities also need to be 'a bit more imaginative' about public toilets in the city, the CEO of DublinTown has said.

DublinTown chief Richard Guineys says there has been a long-standing need for more facilities.

"In the '70s we had 40 public toilets within the core city centre," he said.

"They were closed due to anti-social use, but I think we can be a bit more imaginative now.

"I'd like to see an idea expanded where we would use visitors'' centres.

"We would take empty buildings within the city, put in toilets, put in a concierge service to assist people in the city."

Mr Guiney said such a service could act as a hub "if people want to make complaints or observations about the city; and also have a bag minding service there, so people can drop-off their shopping bags and then we would organise deliveries home to them".

"We could use that to encourage people to use sustainable transport to access the city, they wouldn't have to worry about their shopping bags, etc."

Mr Guiney said there would have to be a 'modest' cost for such services.

"I've used facilities like that on the continent, [I was] very happy to pay €1 or thereabouts to have a clean facility," he said.

"I think we can also share the cost between the business community, though ourselves and the Council and perhaps Fáilte Ireland to have that overall facility for people to help them use the city better.

"Just having that space would be a reassurance as well to people using the city.

Green Party Councillor for Clontarf Donna Cooney said some of these closed toilets were only temporary.

"The toilets we had put in place were a callout that we had made in 2020 during COVID, some of those are no longer operational," she said.

"They were only supposed to be in place until a more permanent solution was put in.

"Dublin City Council just need to get their act together and get the toilets out.

"We've been promised we will have more now in St Anne's Park and on Bull Island in time for the bathing phase next year.

"People are using the beaches and parks all year round; there is absolutely no reason that we need to delay with this process," she added.

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