95 Homeless People Died In Dub...


95 Homeless People Died In Dublin In 2022

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95 homeless people died in Dublin last year, according to freedom of information figures.

It's down from 115 in 2021, but is significantly above the previous three years.

382 homeless people lost their lives in the capital between 2018 and 2022.

Of the 95 who died last year, 23 were in supported temporary accommodation.

Dr Austin O'Carroll, who works with homeless people in Dublin city, says there are several factors in homeless deaths.

''There is poverty associated with things like alcohol addiction and in particular drug addiction. People often enter homelessness because of these things and they do cause earlier deaths.'

He also says homeless people are more likely to be the victims of violence and car accidents, as they're more often on the streets.

Professor Bill Tormey, a consultant in Beaumont Hospital, says there are other factors also.

''Flu, covid, parainfluenza, all that sort of stuff, they will also kill people. even if someone goes into hostels as they will just pass it around in hostels.''

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