"You're Never Seeing Us Again" Damon Albarn Blasts Silent Coachella Crowd


01:10 15 Apr 2024

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The crowds at Coachella always seem a bit dry don't they?

One of the America's biggest music festivals took place over the weekend, and 90s Britpop band Blur were performing.

However it seems like the crowd at Coachella had never heard of a single Blur song and the band were met with deafening silence as they did their set.

Blur's frontman Damon Albarn obviously found this a bit awkward, and told the crowd: "You're never seeing us again."

He tried so hard to engage the crowd bless him 😪

Damon Albarn was at his wits end towards the end of the set that even told the audience: “You’ll never see us again so you may as well f****** sing it.”

You wouldn't get a reception like that at Malahide Castle we'll tell you that much!

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