Victoria Beckham Dashes Our Ho...


Victoria Beckham Dashes Our Hopes Of A Spice Girls Reunion At Glastonbury


12:42 17 Jul 2023

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We should have known it was too good to be true 😪

There's been some talk about a Spice Girls reunion over the last few weeks, and one thing we know for sure is that Mel C is absolutely all for it.

In a recent interview, Sporty Spice was quoted saying "All of the Spice Girls would like to play Glasto, that is truth."

But a source close to Victoria Beckham has said we're not to get our hopes up.

The 49-year-old wants to focus on her fashion label and has no desire to tour with the Spice Girls again.

"She has carved herself a career as a fashion designer that she has put blood, sweat and tears into, so singing is something she has to carefully consider." the source said.

"She has sadly been hugely ridiculed when she has sung in the past."


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However she has not ruled out 'some kind of celebratory appearance'.

'She is a different person now. She looks back fondly on her years in the Spice Girls – they were very special to her – so she hasn't ruled out a one-off celebration, maybe, at some point.

We'll take that! It sounds like we need something big like the Olympic Opening Ceremony to lure her back in 😂

To those missing some Posh Spice content in their lives however - there is some good news!

Victoria Beckham will be be appearing in a documentary about the Spice Girls' rise to fame in the 90s. The film will be directed by J.J. Abrams, who was behind the latest Star Trek and Star Wars films, and will feature interviews and unseen material from their personal archives.

However the documentary is in the early stages of production so we don't have an idea for when it will be out just yet.

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