Mel C Fuels Rumours That Spice...


Mel C Fuels Rumours That Spice Girls Will Perform At Glastonbury Next Year


01:04 26 Jun 2023

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Do we dare to dream?

Mel C has gotten our hopes up that the Spice Girls could be reuniting for Glastonbury 2024.

Sporty told BBC 6 that the entire group want to perform at Glastonbury next year.

"All of the Spice Girls would like to play Glasto, that is truth."

The singer was performing a solo set at the festival on Saturday and when she did a couple of Spice Girls songs she told the crowd, "a bit of a warm-up for next year?"


She continued: "They're rehearsed, they know the words, they're ready. So, if I can drag the other girls along... I say 'drag' the other girls along - all of the Spice Girls would like to play Glasto, that is the truth."

"It's just getting it together, the timing being right."

She added: "And it's quite daunting, some of the girls haven't been up on stage for years."

We think she might mean Victoria there, as she hasn't gotten on stage with the girls since the 2012 Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in London.

"But I think it's, we call it the bucket list, because as an artist it really is the ultimate."

Everybody keep those fingers crossed!

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