Unreleased Lady Gaga Songs Und...


Unreleased Lady Gaga Songs Under Her Real Name 'Stefani Germanotta' Have Been Leaked


12:37 29 Jan 2024

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Some never-before-heard Lady Gaga has been released!

Three songs from the global pop sensation have found their way onto streaming platforms under her real name: 'Stefani Germanotta'.

Of the three unreleased songs, two sound likes differently mixed versions of previously released songs –  “Perfect Illusion” and “Fashion”. This also includes an unreleased 2007 song called "Retro Physical".

The songs have been uploaded to streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify under 'Stefani Germanotta' rather than Lady Gaga and fans are scrambling to figure out what this means.

One user wrote:
"Guys……. What’s going on??? Verified Artist?!
 I can’t with the perfect illusion demo!……

So is it goodbye to Lady Gaga and hello to Stefani Germanotta?

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