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Simon Cowell Reveals His “Biggest Regret” With Managing One Direction

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

09:41 11 Jun 2024

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If Simon could turn back the clocks, he’d do things differently.

Simon Cowell has revealed his “biggest regret” from his days of managing One Direction.

The music mogul appeared on the podcast Diary Of A CEO and spoke very candidly about his life and career to date.

Host Steven Bartlett asked the 64-year-old if he reckons One Direction will ever get back together and he answered, "I doubt it".

“The one thing I regret is I should have owned the name,” he said. “They own the name. I could have made an animation or something.”

"So if you're listening One Direction then I will buy it back from you!" he joked.

Simon Cowell is currently on the hunt for the next One Direction as he promotes his search for 16-18 year old boys to be part of his new boyband adventure. He told Steven Bartlett he wasn’t going to make the same mistake he made with One Direction.

“That was me being very naïve. Next time I need to own the name.”

You listen back to the podcast in full here 👇

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