Rihanna Reveals She's Pregnant...


Rihanna Reveals She's Pregnant Again During Her Superbowl Halftime Show Performance

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:20 13 Feb 2023

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Rihanna is pregnant again!

The global superstar performed at the Superbowl Halftime Show last night and wore a red hot jumpsuit. Fans watching the show live were immediately speculating whether she was pregnant as she had the jumpsuit zipped down to her belly, revealing a growing baby bump.

While Rihanna made no explicit references to being pregnant during the show (not like she had the sonogram projected behind her 😂) her promptly rubbing her stomach more or less confirmed that their suspicions correct.

A representative for Rihanna told the The Hollywood Reporter that the news is true following her big performance at the Superbowl.

This is baby no.2 for Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky, who welcomed a baby boy into the world last May.

The baby reveal was an iconic opening to an iconic performance. It's been 7 years since she last performed her music live and the fans have been begging for her return. And while the performance was more stripped back than the usual Superbowl Halftime Show extravaganza, Rihanna absolutely delivered.

As she opens with her hit B*tch Better Have My Money, the camera zooms out and you can see she's on a suspended platform high above the stadium. An impressive stunt even when you're not carrying another human inside of you!

And she did well to squeeze in as much of her incredible back catalogue into the 13 minutes she had. You can watch the full performance back here!

Many people thought Rihanna performing at the Superbowl would have been the beginning of her starting to tour and make music again, but she'd be swiftly putting a stop to that with that baby bump reveal!

Rihanna explained in an interview in the lead-up to her big return to the stage that her baby son inspired her to say yes to the Superbowl Halftime Show.

“When you become a mom, there’s something that just happens where you feel like you can take on the world and do anything. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world."

"As scary as that was, because I haven’t been on stage in seven years, there’s something exhilarating about the challenge of it all. It’s important for me to do this, this year. It’s important for representation, it’s important for my son to see that.”

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