Mel B Walks Off Mid Interview...


Mel B Walks Off Mid Interview After Teasing A Spice Girls Comeback


09:39 26 Mar 2024

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This woman needs to stop teasing and just tell us what’s happening!

This has been going on for some time now. Mel B has been teasing an “exciting” Spice Girls project while the other members appear to be keeping their mouth shut.

In previous interviews her teasing has led people to believe the news could be an upcoming tour featuring all 5 members or that they’re reuniting to headline Glastonbury.

"We are definitely doing something..." the singer revealed when she appeared on Loose Women recently, "I'm probably going to get told off but I've said it, there we go! We are doing something this year. I'm in trouble now…"

When Mel C was asked about this unnamed Spice Girls project, she revealed that Mel B had a habit of manifesting things she’ll hope will happen.

“Melanie likes to manifest things and she thinks if she says it enough, it will happen. I can't confirm that there is anything happening soon but we're always talking about opportunities,” Mel C said on the Sidetracked with Annie & Nick podcast recently.

So basically we’re all to take Mel B with a pinch of salt!

The latest in her shenanigans is that she jokingly walked off set when the hosts of the American morning show Today with Hoda & Jenna were pressing her on what this Spice Girls news she keeps teasing is.

“Since you were on our show last time, y'all put out a throwback video, there's a lot of rumors, there's little Easter eggs everywhere, it's time for you to just break the news!” Hoda joked.

Mel replied: “Well, I can't because I always get told off because I'm the blabbermouth, but I think I've said this to you before: us five are working on something that is gonna be announced soon.”

The hosts kept grilling her to the point where Hoda asked will we be able to see the Spice Girls on tour at which point Mel B dramatically gets up and walks off to playfully avoid answering the question.

If there is news coming they better announced it soon to keep us all from going insane!

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