Mel C Reveals Mel B Keeps Talk...


Mel C Reveals Mel B Keeps Talking About A Spice Girls Reunion To ‘Manifest’ It


10:36 23 Feb 2024

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We support it to be honest!

We’ve been hearing whisperings of a Spice Girls reunion in some shape or form for a while now, with Mel B promising that something’s on the horizon whenever she’s asked about it.

“I’ve been saying it forever. But now we’re actually going to be releasing some really good news in about a few weeks that involves all five of us.” Mel B said recently while she was being interviewed on a morning show in the US.

"It's going to be the gift that keeps on giving, without saying too much about it. I’m going to get myself into so much trouble.”

Now Mel C has appeared on a podcast and is essentially saying “Mel B keeps opening her mouth and getting us into trouble!”

“Mel, I adore her and she has this thing, and it can sometimes get us into hot water,” she said on the Sidetracked with Annie and Nick podcast, “Of course we're always talking, we'd love to do something else.”

“I'd love to get back on stage with the girls but everybody wants to do something a little bit different or in a different way, so it's just trying to get everyone on the same page at the same time” she continued.


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“But Melanie likes to manifest things and she thinks if she says it enough, it will happen. I can't confirm that there is anything happening soon but we're always talking about opportunities.”

If anything that’s gotten our hopes up even more than a big Spice Girls reunion will happen eventually, it just won’t be as ‘imminent’ as Mel B keeps promising.

The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury is calling you girls!

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