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Elvis Presley Set To Be The Next Musician To Get The 'Abba Voyage' Experience


01:52 13 Jun 2024

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Would you go to this?

The team behind Abba Voyage are 'in talks' to create a similar show for Elvis Presley.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the entertainment company is creating plans with Sony Music, which owns the rights to Elvis's music.

They also have been in talks with Authentic Brands Group, the company which owns the rights to Elvis's image and likeness.

Should talks be successful and a show go ahead, it will have to be crafted in a different way to the ABBA Voyage show.

Because all 4 members of ABBA are still with us, they were able to capture the live experience by using freshly recorded motion capture footage of the band.

The whole process took 5 weeks and used 55 cameras to create computer generated models of the band as their younger selves.

So they'll have to figure out a different way of recreating the experience of an Elvis concert.

Thanks to his manager Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis never performed outside the US, and with the iconic singer dead nearly 50 years, there's hoards of fans who've never experienced seeing The King perform live.

Just imagine if they were able to really recreate that experience 🤩

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