Beyoncé Releases The Tracklist...


Beyoncé Releases The Tracklist For Her Upcoming Country Album - Including A Song Called Riverdance


11:27 28 Mar 2024

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Yee-haw! 🤠

It’s nearly here! The long-awaited Act II to Renaissance and Beyoncé’s first country album is dropping tomorrow.

We’ve already had a sneak preview as the superstar dropped two singles Texas Hold ‘Em and Sixteen Carriages last month on the night of the Super Bowl.

We also know that the album will feature a cover of one of the most well known country songs in the universe - Jolene. Because Dolly Parton already let that one slip!

(Although whether Dolly herself features on the track we’re yet to find out!)

Now we know the names of the all song titles, we have a better sense of what to expect.

With tracks like Levi Jeans and Sweet Honey Buckin’ we can sense the country vibes already!

And Dolly isn’t the only country star on the album. A track called Smoking Hour features the legendary Willie Nelson.

But what has piqued our interest the most is one track called Riverdance!

Is it totally unrelated to the Riverdance we know or does it actually give a nod to Irish dance and music? Is Michael Flatley making an appearance?

I guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

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