Adele Disappoints Fans As She'...


Adele Disappoints Fans As She's Forced To Postpone Las Vegas Shows Due To Illness


11:26 28 Feb 2024

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It's so unfortunate that these things can happen!

Adele has apologised profusedly to fans who had tickets for her upcoming Las Vegas shows. The singer has been forced to postpone the shows for the month of March due to feeling unwell.

"Sadly I have to take a beat and pause my Vegas residency," she wrote on Instagram, "I was sick at the end of the last leg and all the way through my break. I hadn't quite gotten the chance to get back to full health before shows resumed and now I'm sick aain, and unfortunately it's all taken a toll on my voice."

"So on Doctors orders I have no choice but to rest thoroughly. The remaining 5 weekends of this leg are being postponed to a later date" she continued.


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No doubt there'll be a slew of fans who booked flights and hotels just to see her in Vegas and it won't be as simple as returning for the postponed show at another time.

But when you're sick you're sick and there's only one thing for it - rest and recuperate! We hope she takes the time she needs to get back to full health and give 100% in her future shows.

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