Beyoncé Fans Are NOT Happy Abo...


Beyoncé Fans Are NOT Happy About The Lack Of Irish Dates On Her World Tour

Nessa Dinneen
Nessa Dinneen

11:10 2 Feb 2023

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After weeks of waiting and speculation, Beyoncé finally announced a world tour of her latest album Renaissance.

Fans were quick to notice that there was no Irish city among that list of dates though.

The European leg of the tour kicks off in Stockholm, followed by a few mainland Europe dates, before she heads to the  UK for gigs in Edinburgh, Cardiff, London and...Sunderland?

You'd swear she forgot Ireland exists at all with the huge number of fans she has here! The last time she played on Irish soil was Croke Park in 2016.

This comes not long after Madonna released details of her much-anticipated world tour that also omitted a visit to Ireland.

Why are these global superstars so intent on making us fork out flights over to see them?

The Irish Beyoncé fans were quick to react on Twitter:

Some fans have started a petition to get Beyoncé to change her mind:

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