08:00 20 Mar 2020

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Uplifting Movies

We could all do with a little cheering up in these uncertain times. So if you're looking for something uplifting to watch to distract yourself, we've put together a list of some great finds on Netflix.

From feel-good Netflix originals to classics that will make you laugh out loud, these movies will feel like a big hug.

To All The Boys I Loved Before

When this movie came to Netflix in 2018 it got everyone talking.

Lara Jean writes secret love letters to the boys she likes and when someone sends them to each boy she's left to deal with the consequences.

Earlier this year we were also treated to To All The Boys, P.S. I Still Love You and it's just as great as the first one.


An absolute cult classic, Clueless will leave a big smile on your face.

Popular girl Cher is trying to navigate the ups and downs of teenage life and work it to her advantage.

When new girl Tai is transferred to her school, Cher and Dion go on a mission to find her a boyfriend.

In the process, Cher learns more about herself and what she wants to.

La La Land

The movie accidentally read out as Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars, La La Land tells the story of Mia and Sebastian.

To people chasing ambitious careers in L.A. when they fall madly in love.

Torn between each other and their dreams, they're left with a dilemma.

The movie also has a gorgeous soundtrack and Emma Stone scooped the Oscar for Best Actress for her role.


A nostalgic movie that we can watch again and again.

If you're not already familiar with the Roald Dahl story, Matilda is born into a family who doesn't appreciate her.

Through frustrations with them and her bully school principal, Matilda discovers she has special powers that can help those she cares about.

The Theory Of Everything

Eddie Redmayne won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in this movie about his life.

At age 21, Stephen was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and given two years to live.

However, with the help of his wife Jane he went on to become one of the greatest physicists of our time.

Lady Bird

Our own Saoirse Ronan was nominated for Best Actress for this coming of age story.

Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson is a high school senior determined to break the chains of her small town and catholic school.

The film also takes a look at her turbulent bond with her mother, a nurse working hard to keep their family afloat.


Willowdean or 'Dumplin' is the daughter of a former high-profile beauty pageant queen (Jennifer Aniston).

Sick of not fitting the beauty pageant "norm", Willowdean decides to sign up for her mother's pageant. In an attempt to break the mould, she starts a mini revolution in the competition.

Her love for Dolly Parton is also apparent to throughout the film and makes for a great soundtrack.

Legally Blonde

Another classic, Legally Blonde is a story of girl power and perseverance.

Having been dumped by her boyfriend for a "smarter" girl, Elle Woods wants to prove him wrong by getting in to Harvard Law School.

She soon realises there's so much more to herself and makes some great friends along the way.

Always Be My Maybe

Sasha and Marcus were childhood sweethearts but ended up having a falling out and not speaking.

After 15 years, celebrity chef Sasha bumps into Marcus again when she's opening a restaurant in San Francisco and they're forced to confront their old spark.

Watch out for Keanu Reeves making a hilarious cameo.

Step Brothers

If you just want to laugh, you can't go wrong with Step Brothers.

Starring two of the funniest actors in Hollywood, it tells the story of two grown men who still live with their parents and suddenly become step brothers.

What starts as a very tense relationship soon grows into a bromance.


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