Irish Women Encouraged To Take...


Irish Women Encouraged To Take Folic Acid Daily


08:54 28 Sep 2017

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When people hear the words 'folic acid', the first thing that usually comes into their heads is pregnancy. However, Irish women who are sexually active and could become pregnant, are being encouraged to take a folic acid supplement every day, whether they are planning to have a baby or not.

SafeFood - the government body responsible for the promotion of food hygiene, food safety and healthy eating - says that folic acid helps a baby’s spine and brain develop and reduces the risk of neural tube defects (NTD), like spina bifida.

According to the organisation, approximately half of pregnancies right now are unplanned, but the baby's spine and brain start developing in the first weeks of pregnancy. This means that by the time you realise you are pregnant, it may be too late to take folic acid.

SafeFood says that taking folic acid before you become pregnant is the only way to make sure you have enough in your blood to help protect your baby. 

For more information on taking folic acid, click here.

Stella doesn't have everything sussed, but she does take her folic acid tablets every day! from MC Media Content on Vimeo.

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